Saturday, March 31, 2012


As is your desire so is your intention….as is your intention so is your will…as is your will so is your deed…As is your deed so is your destiny…..

This ‘Sankalpa’ simply translates to intention…..setting an intention for your Yoga practice…or before your meditation practice…or for anything that you desire….But an important component of this powerful intention is being free from the outcome desired. If the intentions set are in tune with the universe then it’s the universe that will accomplish it for you. At every point the universe nourishes us with our needs..When we don’t get something, its not the universe but it is something within us which is blocking it perhaps or maybe its not the time. Again clinging on to time is obstruction by itself…..What we need is timelessness(no past & no future) and awareness to what is. And that’s the essence of all aspects of Yoga! Letting time fold and watching your actions. This doesn’t mean not working towards your desires , it simply means investing towards it without worrying about the fruits which in turn attaches us to the future.

I love the idea of setting an intention before a Yoga practice or a meditation, the part of setting your intention of what you really want in that time you have for yourself is the key to fulfilling the desires…it’s the key to communicate to the universe…..Setting your intention and letting go…We have noticed sometimes things we want just flow…the environment just supports it….it can be as small as I want to be at peace at the end of this class and not focusing on ‘peace’ for the next one hour. Or setting an intention for a meditation practice (can really be any desire…truth, happiness, love, good health…..)

Sometimes we set common intentions in a class to work towards something...One of my experiences in Poonam's class is the intention of focus...practicing 'Yoga in a box'.To me the task of working in box (limited space) is a way to setting an intention to accomplish what we want in the absence of resources....I really feel it.... it helps my alignments ofcourse but more importantly it brings a sense of accomplishment or empowerment....and those are times when I'm really not thinking about anything else except the 'present moment' of being able to fit in my own box which I have created.......
Another one I  love is ' beauty '.....With that intention setting....all postures bring grace...'the art of practicing yoga beautifully'...whether literally or its in the mind..its beautiful anyway :) And these are feelings we take home.

Sankalpa  really links to the ultimate purpose….but what is essential is to listen to the desire…welcome it…and do what that desire requires you to do….Setting these powerful intentions just help us to align more to our heartfelt desires. We need to keep remembering our sankalpa , strengthen that resolve and then nourish that seed of desire. 


What does everybody desire? Energy…… Free of cost & everywhere around us? That is  'Prana'….Whatever you call it…’Chi’ in China or ‘Ki’ in Japan or “God’s breath moved upon the waters” (Bible).All vibrating energies are prana at work. In closer context to Yoga, it is translated to breath, which is just the beginning. Then follows the ‘ayama’ which is what we do with our breathing which can be control, restraint, elongation or manipulation of breath in any form.

Asana & Pranayama support each other. One cannot exist without the other. When you have sufficient prana flowing through the temple of your soul(body), you can spread your consciousness within which in turn improves our asana practice. Whereas asana which strengthens us in turn affects how well we generate more prana. Prana is the link to our infinite intelligence. It creates that inner flexibility…the outer flexibility is just the additional bonus that comes along? Or the asana channels the Prana to flow freely without obstructions. Even that soul needs that Prana to remain in our temple (body).

Very interesting & challenging is doing Suryanamaskars holding your breath. When we inhale we take the energizing nutrients of that breath. When we retain the breath after inhalation (kumbakha) that energy or prana is trapped in our body and distributed through circulation. Depending on capacity this effect is very apparent because the body automatically starts to conserve  and align and respect the amount of breath available and still do the best of postures.What happens when you are trying to accomplish that whole series of Suryanamaskars with that retained breath? Panic & Greed for air eventually comes up! Very well explained by BKS Iyengar, it signifies our instinctive attachment to life itself.And when we release that breath, it’s the feeling of surrender & accomplishment.

Prana is the hinge between the mind & body. The practice of Pranayama just helps to go beyond the normal limitations of mind & the reach the ultimate energy of the Universe (Prana).

Monday, February 27, 2012

The twist is the result of the extension in the spine.We don't have to force ourselves to twist.We just have to extend the spine and 'let go'.We don't have to force situations to change ways, we just have to let go and accept things as they really are.By listening to your body and responding to it by awareness you tap into the field of infinite possibility!

"Whats the hurry" says Poonam as she helps me straighten my spine....."Breathe".......

There is no competition with ourselves.Just present moment awareness!Life must flow with effortless spontaneity.

Poonams favourite 'Natrajasana'

"Life is an eternal Dance"

Namaste :)

I'm Payal....a new member rather a friend of Sanapurna Yoga and Ayurveda.

Sometimes you meet people and there is a wavelength that matches just perfectly!That is what happened when I met Poonam and Thomas.With no expectations I met them and saw in Poonam a beautiful loving teacher/mentor.A few classes with Poonam and  her encouragement and unconditional acceptance is beyond words.
Over the course of time, I hope to tap my deepest potential for vitality and find the secret to that 'bliss'.

'The God in me greets the God in youThe Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you' 

P.S :  Thomas and Poonam's son Rishi is ADORABLE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sanapurna gets bigger!

Hello fellow yogis and yoginis!
I m the newest member of this team! I m Maria and I come from Greece!!

I will try to update this blog as much as possible so check back everyday!!

Also Sanapurna will have a new yoga program really soon!
Check our site for updates!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Yoga in Zurich

Yoga in Zurich ...
This city has around 70 yoga studios. Many local and international teachers finding enought work and interest in this city. One can say this is fashion or in thing. I though the same over the year I felt there is a real commitment for yoga and personal well being. I met yogis and yoginis practicing yoga since many many years.
Now I am interested to know why do you practice yoga?
What do you think about yoga in Zurich ?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is a cold quit Sunday. Sitting at Sanapurna waiting for the next class. Mean while I look at every single details in The studio, making sure every thing is in the right place, every thing looks good. This place is filled up with the nice soothing music. I wish this peace and contentment to all of you.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sanapurna is Six weeks old today. It feels like as if we have been at 10 Schöneggstr. since a long time. Every day we start around 8 am we stay there till 9.30 pm. 

We started off very well. Darlen and one of our new students were there for our very first class on Sunday the 6th of November. Since that day we have not looked back

Sanapurna have been received very well in Zurich. If I ever feel bit insecure all the people tell me that you will run very smooth. 

We are so thankful to all the people who have been there for us. The support continues.
Thomas I get to see only in between Therapy sessions. His consultations and warm oil massages are loved by every one who has visited him.

Wow this feel like a dream.

Sanapurna is open the whole for you. We look forward to share nice herbal teas and fresh fruits. 
I am looking forward to tomorrow morning for Sunday morning flow...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What is Karma?

A nice September day... Full of actions and discussions around Yoga and Yoga philosophy. Talk around the subject of Karma. If the concept of Karma is a religious concept?
Does ot have to do something with the idea of Sin?
If you look at Indian society and culture it has a long long history and every thing interlinked with other. Same is with Yoga and all the Yogic paths.

 India has roots in Vaidic cultures, Which was not a religion. It was more of lifestyle or a cultural heritage. Over the year as India was attacked by external powers the people who lived on the other side of Hindukush was called Hindu. And these people kept the rituals and social structure as it was during the Vedic times.
To cut the long history short Yoga is an India Philosophy which show a way to live and explore potential hidden in each one of us.....
More on the same subject in the next post